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April Retreat Schedule, and Our First Annual Spring Opening this September

Br. Tuy Niem

Thay Phap Hai


with Thay Phap Hai and Thay Tuy Niem TUESDAY APRIL 8, 6:30-9:30PM
at Evam Buddhist Institute, 673 Lygon St. Nth Carlton.
Registration: Susan Wirawan 0434 827 028


The annual Plum Village Australia April Retreats, will be lead by Thay Phap Hai ( Deer Park) and Thay Tuy Niem ( Plum Village), together with the Sisters of Nhap Luu. Dates are as follows:

Nhap Luu:     April 11th- 13th
Registration for Nhap Luu retreat, Victoria:
Sr Luong Nghiem     by sms to:   0402924800:

Susan Wirawan        sms or call to: 0434827028
                   or email: Nhapluu@gmail.com    
Donation: $150.00.(some concessions available.)

Sydney:       18th – 20th.
St. Joseph's Conference Centre. Contact Gerald Lee 0402 421 866

Brisbane:      25th – 28th
Allawah Scout Camp, near Mt Crosby. Contact Rhys Davies 0490 061 321 
Mon 28th April - An Evening of Mindfulness with Br. Phap Hai
Uniting Church 52 Methyr Rd. New Farm
Refreshments 6.30pm, Mindfulness Session 7pm.

Adelaide:      May   2nd – 4th    
Glenbarr Camp and Conference Centre. Contact Wesley 0427 699 913


 First Annual Spring Opening, Sept. 19 -25, 2014 
Preparation is underway to make this a successful and joyful event. Conditions are not there yet to hold all activities at Nhap Luu itself, but there will be a Day of Mindfulness held there. The rest of the retreat will be held at Cave Hill Creek Resort in Raglan, 20kms from Nhap Luu. We are looking forward to see you there. Peace is every breath, Br. Phap Kham
Dear Thay, Dear Sangha, Dear Friends
You are warmly invited to attend the inaugural PV Australia retreat. And 
registrations are now open.
"Peace Is Every Breath" will be held at the picturesque and peaceful  Cave Hill 
Creek Resort in Raglan, Victoria. The venue is just 20 minutes from Thien Vien 
Nhap Luu, Stream Entering Meditation Centre. The retreat will be held 
conveniently during the school holidays, 
19-25 September 2014.
The retreat will be led by approximately 20 monastics from Plum Village 
Thailand, Asian Institute of Applied Buddhism in Hong Kong, Deer Park Monastery 
in California, and Nhap Luu Monastery in Victoria. There will be programs for 
children 6-12 years and teenagers 13-16 years. The program will also include a 
Day of Mindfulness at Nhap Luu.
Full details for the retreat including costs and other arrangements are 
available on the new PV Australia website ….. nhapluu.org… All registrations 
will only be available via the website. 
The retreat is only able to accommodate a maximum of 180 retreatants. A 
combination of dormitory style beds and camping is available. So please book and 
pay your deposit by 1 April 2014, to secure your attendance.
Please direct any enquiries to either office@nhapluu.org or call Gerard Lee on 
0402 421 866
This is an exciting time for PV Australia and we hope to see you at the retreat
Peace Is Every Breath
The Spring Opening Registration Team
HELP NEEDED: In order to hold a major retreat of this sort, we need a lot of help. We are looking for expressions of interest from Sangha members to join the retreat coordination team, filling the following positions. There will be more than one person in all of the positions mentioned.
  1. Registration  
  2. Accommodation allocation  
  3. Treasurer 
  4. Monastic Assistance (for the retreat schedule)
  5. Other
Should you be interested, please send an email to Gerard Lee. Gerard.mudita@gmail.com